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I got the RADPAK in the mail and have been testing it out this week. I always keep my

expectations very low for camera/travel backpacks since there are so few of them that actually

have all the features we need as creatives. BUT, I am very impressed with this thing so far! It

holds all of my gear that I need to take to daily shoots and has plenty of extra room to pack

things when I’m traveling. It’s also surprisingly comfortable!

~ Nate D (Boulder, CO, USA)

This bag is quality and has a really solid feel, beyond well made. I’m already convinced, it’s the

bag I’ve been waiting for. I’m excited to get it out into the wild and put it to the test!! Thank-you

for creating such a great product and being on top of your campaign. A very positive


~ Nitisha A (Prince George, British Columbia, Canada)

Just got the bag and it looks amazing! Great job! I wish you and your company the best and

you can always count on me to buy more or new products. I will be taking this bag on a Medical

Mission trip and really excited to see how everything fits in there!

Brian C (Omaha, NB, USA)

It’ll be ideal for Japan where the travel will be more urban, etc. I’ll be sure to share some of the


~ Jason H (Louisville, CO, USA)

Received my RADPAK today, arrived at the right time the holidays begin tomorrow . Great

quality and everything I need fits perfectly , great job, I will recommend it to all my


~ Florian B (St. Josef in der Weststeiermark, Austria)

Super happy I backed this beautiful bag! Real quality! Amazing work!

~ W Dijkstra (Utrecht, Netherlands)

I got my bag, it looks amazing and the quality feels great!

~ James B (Columbus, OH, USA)

Thank you! It’s awesome! Can’t wait to put it to use!

~ Scot D (Pierre, South Dakota, USA)

Got mine here in Germany! So far it looks great!

~ Jasmin A (Koeln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)

Just got my bag this afternoon and had a chance to carefully inspect it—it’s got the sleek

design. It’s very good quality, doesn’t feel cheap by all means. Pockets are sneaky, very

clean! Love the bags amazing quality. I don’t see why people wouldn’t love this bag…I’m very

happy with everything. CHEERS!

~ Omar N (Ottawa, Canada)

I got my RADPAK today, and it is amazing. So much versatility. My wife saw it and immediately

claimed it so I’ll probably get another one for myself later. All the best to you!”

~ Edward B (Norcross, GA, USA)

“I got the pack and have had the chance to mess with it a bit. So far it looks really good! I loaded

it with my camera gear and there is still plenty of space for other stuff (and I have a lot of

camera gear). I could easily get away with a couple night, hotel-based trip with my camera stuff

and this pack. It is extremely comfortable on the back. I like the easy access to some camera gear from the

front, which is much quicker than opening it all the way up.”

~ David S

“Just opened it a couple days ago. Initial thoughts:

- very comfortable 

- nice look 

- I dig the layout of the pack

- appears to be a great adventure travel bag.

I intend to use it an adventure photo bag so stoked on the mesh divider. I will be reconfiguring

the padded divider to find the best fit for the gear I intend to carry. I generally like each lens to fit

snug in a space so it doesn’t move around at all.” 

~ Ryan S (Lake Tahoe, CA, USA)

“I think your backpack is just genius! Thanks for all the effort! I feel pretty honored to be one of

the first to try it out! I wish you much success and luck and keep on doing good affordable and

smart stuff!”

~ Ana M

“As a professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast who is planning to travel full time very

soon, this bag looks like the perfect addition/carry all for my gear.”

~ Jeremy B (Sebring, FL, USA)

“They are super, great backpacks and a perfect fit for the outdoor adventures I go on!”

~ Savannah M (Portland, OR, USA)

“Bag is great - large, strong and quality - a real showstopper. It has lots to offer - not seen

anything like it!”

~ Thor J (Finland)

“Great bag! got it last week and already used it last weekend on my trip to Miami. Love the

inside organization and the size, very comfortable to carry it and like a lot the amount of extra

storage pockets the bag has around it. One thing I tried the most during that weekend was the

incorporated cover, it was raining in Miami so it was protected all the trip. Thx for such a great

design and great travel backpack. Kudos to you guys!”

~ Efrain A (Orlando, FL, USA)

Hello guys, just to say that it is an incredible backpack, I put it almost all my long hiking gear

and still had some interior space available, it is very comfy, even for easy going around the city.

I think it's the most versatile backpack I’ve bought to date, and if you make a 2nd generation I

am definitely going to buy it without a doubt. Proud of being one of the first gen RADPAK

backers, and thanks for so nice product and care for us as customers.

~ Oscar F (Arequipa, Peru)

“Hi! I have been biking to work for a week now. I love this pack! Specifically, the cut of the back

by the arms is perfect for good range of movement. Lots of packing space. It’s the best bag I

have used and I have tried Nomatic, Timbuk2 and others.”

~ Christopher B (Seattle, WA, USA)