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RADPAK by MountnGo

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With the Stratacous Series RADPAK by MountNGo, we've designed the world's most durable backpack for travelers, adventurers, and photographers with the latest in high tech features. RADPAK will prove to be the most powerful tool in your arsenal of gear. 

Whether it's hiking the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii, braving the corkscrew climb up Ancient Art in Utah, or simply just heading out for the day, RADPAK has you covered! 

Our team noticed that too many bags seemed to have been designed by people sitting behind computers. So we decided to hand the drawing board over to adrenaline junkie STRATACOUS (Strat). Strat designed the bag to be superior on every level. No matter the environment, no matter the adventure, he has created  a truly remarkable backpack! 

RADPAK allows you to pack in a ton of clothing, and  be drone, SLR, and GoPro ready at all times with easy access compartments to your most essential gear. You decide the configuration of the bag to meet your needs. 

Waterproof zippers and nylon wicking fabric prevent moisture from entering the pack. Need extra protection? RADPACK comes standard with an integrated rain fly tested to hold back the fiercest rain. Ski, snowboard and skateboard straps maximize carrying capacity, while padded straps and compartments carry bulky gear without loading you down. 

Ever struggle to charge your electronics on the go?  RADPAK comes with an integrated, water-resistant USB connection for hooking up to your external battery supply. Charge your gear without opening the bag, it's that easy!  Be prepared.  Be organize.  Be RAD.   --RADPAK Team--