MountnGo the company, was first conceived with the knowledge that there are so many people out there taking life to another level - squeezing the absolute most out of every day.  We wanted to make products especially for them...and we did.

The MountnGo RADPAK team has evolved by taking the best from three separate companies and melding them into one, to create The Stratacous Series RADPAK backpack.

MountnGo, GoScope and Stratacous together have significant market presence and loyal backers and supporters across the globe.  And we've heard from a lot of them who, in a nutshell have told us, "Hey, we need a backpack that is rugged and water resistant and can fit our clothing and gear plus some of our toys, like drones and cameras.  Oh, and it's gotta be carry-on size...and it can't be super expensive."  That...sounds just like RADPAK!